On October 23, 1984 a group of men and women formed, the 38th Assembly District Regular Republican Club to help organized the district's republican voters and poll workers. Over the years, our club has help with the campaigns of many of the republican parties’ most accomplished elected officials, from the presidential campaign of President Ronald W. Regan through the campaign of President George W. Bush. As well as many local elected officials like Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and State Senator Serphin R. Maltese. The most notably campaign was the 1990 republican primary for State Senator. The club supported Serphin Maltese in his win of the republican nomination in the nation's largest write-in campaign.

After the 1992 census, the New York Assembly District lines were redrawn. The 38th A.D. Regular Republican Club was now located in the 23rd Assembly District. The members renamed the club to reflect this change and it became the 23rd Assembly District Regular Republican Club.

In 2005, the Ozone Park area lost a great Republican with the passing of New York Supreme Court Justice Angelo Graci. Judge Graci was a Republican icon in Ozone Park, a community that he lived in for 74 of his 84 years. He was elected a Member of the New York State Assembly before being appointed a Justice of the New York Supreme Court. In 1958, he was a co-founder of ONCAOP. Even after his retirement, Angelo Graci remained very active in his civic association. He was always proud of his community and was respected by all people regardless of their political affiliation. The club membership, in May 2006 renamed our club after him.

The club membership created the Arlene Fiumano Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. The award was named after Arlene Fiumano, a community activist, Republican leader and Past President of the club. The first recipient of the award was Joseph Giglia. Since 1990, Joseph has served as an Election Day Worker and has also been a member of the Queens County Republican Committee since 1993. Joseph is truly an inspiration for grassroots republican leaders everywhere.

In the February of 2009 the club membership supported Eric Ulrich, club member and past president, in his first campaign for the City Council. He won a special election and became the youngest serving City Council Member in New York City history. In November, the membership continue to support Eric Ulrich with his reelection campaign. An election Mr. Ulrich also won with approximately 59 percent of the vote.

Throughout the years, the club has seen many other Republican clubs come and go but the members of this club are still here meeting every fourth Tuesday of the month.


1984 - Club is founded as the 38th Assembly District Regular Republican Club.

1990 - Supported State Senator Serphin R. Maltese in the nation's largest write-in campaign for the republican nomination.

1992 - Club is renamed to the 23rd Assembly District Regular Republican Club.

2001 - September 11, 2001 We will never forget!

2006 - Club is renamed to honor the late Queens County Supreme Court Judge, Angelo Graci.

2007 - The 1st Annual Arlene Fiumano Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Joseph Giglia.

2009 - Supported City Council Member Eric Ulrich with his election as the youngest City Council Member in New York City history.

2015 - With the closing of Christ Ev. Lutheran Church, our club now meets at the Knights of Columbus on 101 Ave.